The GENIUS automotive inspection tunnel

GENIUS is a retractable light tunnel specially designed for the automotive industry. It is used to improve the quality control of vehicle bodies at the end of the production line or after a repair. The light tunnel proposed here has the particularity of being a fully retractable aluminum structure. GENIUS is particularly suitable for mechanical workshops with limited space, garages and body shops.

GENIUS Removable System

GENIUS Removables Systems® is a light tunnel studio specially developed to improve quality control in automotive paint shops with limited space.

It is the tool of choice for detailers and other automotive detailing specialists.

The studio

The GENIUS Removables Systems® studio is composed of a patented self-supporting retractable aluminum structure and LED lights.

The structure of the studio is composed of retractable aluminum elements. The aluminum is powder-coated. The self-supporting structure does not require floor rails.
The dimensions of the light tunnel studio are standard or determined by the customer.
The lights are mounted on aluminum strips arranged horizontally or vertically on the arches according to the customer’s choice. The LED lighting can be adapted according to the specific needs of the worker inspecting the shade or gloss of a paint.
These LED strip lights are 6500K, 24 volt, 20W/m. The light is filtered through a white opal diffuser.
The light tunnel is equipped with LED panels placed between the horizontal crossbeams of the retractable elements. These LED tiles are available in 120×30 40W 85-265Vac 120° 6000°K.



The warranty is 1 year on the components and materials that make up the GENIUS Removables Systems® studio

Technical data

Standard dimensions :

Number of elements: 4

Total length: 7,00m (overall)

Length of the folded unit: approx. 1.80m

Minimum interior width: 3.98m

Maximum outside width: 4,68m

Minimum height inside: 2,30m

Maximum height outside: 2.79m

Aluminum structure color: Deep black – RAL9005 Structured (standard)

Ground guidance included

Tarifs avril 2022

Vente exclusivement réservée au marché professionnel

Prix de base : 37.900€ HT

Options :

Teinte de la structure au choix : 1.500€

Transport : à déterminer

Installation : à déterminer (1 journée à 2 personnes)

GENIUS Removable Systems® is designed and manufactured by VERANDAIR® in Belgium

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